By Jason Moore

THE new anti-smoking law has been given a great test by the cold weather and so far it appears that the majority of smokers are following the law. The cold weather has meant that even the most hardened smokers have thought twice about going outside on the terrace to “enjoy” a puff!!!

However, there is already a growing campaign against the new legislation with the first smoker´s clubs being set-up on the island. In exchange for a small amount (the first one in Manacor costs one euro a year membership) those who can´t kick the habit can enjoy a cigarette with no risk of prosecution. It is rumoured that one of these clubs will be set-up shortly in Palma. Bars and restaurants have also hit back calling on the government to enforce the smoking legislation around hospitals. Under the new laws you are not allowed to smoke in the vicinity of hospitals or schools but according to the bar and restaurant association medical staff have been flouting the rules. This same association has said that their takings have dropped by about 20 percent so far this year. But there is some good news. With good weather on the way, bar and restaurant terraces are going to come into their own. But if you can smoke on the terrace why can´t you smoke inside is the question some will ask?