I always thought there could be a few things in this world that were simple enough not to need playing with. I could be wrong it appears as far as the delivery of mail to post boxes in Llucmajor! The renewal of the yearly payment for the service (€ 55) has to now be paid per name using the box.

This will increase the cost of receiving post from a containable amount to €165 for a family of three and a further €55 when my son reaches 18.
It would appear from people I have spoken with that if you operate a small business from home this will add a further charge to the same box.
I am as content as I can be that the cost of services will inevitably go up, without any improvement in the service in most cases, but this just has to be wrong.

We have been noticing for some months that post to this box in my wife's name has not arrived, notably letters from the UK, bank credit cards from a Llucmajor office and a social security medical card.

We have spoken with the people concerned and are confident they were sent, this begs the question what are they doing with our mail?
Most of what is received would not include a return address so where is it?
Does the local postal service have the right to destroy properly addressed legal mail?
I can fully understand the use of a box for multiple families and businesses being a drain on their resources but come on, when the surname is clearly the same and we have had the same box for almost 20 years, wouldn't this suggest that we are playing fair?

Do you know of this rather sharp practice happening elsewhere on the island? I would be interested to hear comments from any of your readers on this matter.

Thanks a lot for the good work, keep it up.
Kind regards

Phill Harvey