The much hyped BBC programme with Angela Rippon and her Hit Squad, turned out to be a very damp squib. Firstly, it was not just about Magalluf. Three other destinations in Portugal, Egypt and Crete, to be “HIT”, not leaving a great deal of time for Magalluf, where Ms. Rippon, suitably clad in the almost mandatory green and yellow uniform, clambered into the rear of a Police vehicle. They soon found a drunk (Where Else!?!), who had lost his money (Surprise, surprise!) and other items. However, the law sorted him out, and soon they encountered a fracas, that turned out to be a fight involving a girl attacking a club owner.

We only saw the action fleetingly, but were informed by “La” Rippon that no charges were pressed on the girl. Apart from a couple of meetings with one or two tourists, during which, Ms Rippon uttered the glaringly obvious remarks that people should not drink so much, the programme ended. Rarely have I seen such a disappointing so-called documentary. We learned nothing from it except platitudes that have all been discussed ad nauseum on Magalluf.

Of the three TV offerings on this subject, I award OME out of TEN to the first ITV one. FOUR out of TEN to last night's show, and EIGHT out of TEN to the Stacy Dooley effort “The Truth About Magalluf”, on BBC 3. I hope though that this will produce a moratorium on any future “Exposées” on this subject.

Yours Sincerely, Phil Green, El Toro