by Jason Moore

THOUSANDS of Spanish youngsters are flocking to Britain in search of work as a result of Spain´s economic crisis. It is quite amazing that the majority end up working in hotels eventhough Spain has the most number of hotels of any country in Europe. On the whole Spaniards do find work in Britain, which is also quite amazing, when you take into account that there are allegedly 2.5 million people searching for employment in Britain. During periodic trips to London I have often chatted with Spanish hotel and restaurant staff who always tell you the same story; they have come to Britain because there are no jobs in Spain and they hope to return home when the economic situation improves. The majority seem pretty impressed with the quality of life in Britain. I have been rather amazed by the scale of the exodus from Spain. The nurse at my local medical centre has moved to New Zealand and her colleague has recently secured a job at a London hospital. The third nurse at the centre is busy taking English classes at the moment so that she can go to Britain as well. Spain is losing the flower of its generation. Highly skilled people are moving away because of the economic crisis. Will they come back? I don´t know but Spain needs to stop this drain on its hum an resources. Hospital staff are key. The three nurses I have mentioned above are leaving because they fear for their jobs. The Spanish government should try and reassure them.