The programmes recently shown on television about Magalluf are, without doubt, true. However, why is the other side of Magalluf never shown?
As a family we have been visiting the resort for over 30 years, indeed, since retirement we have been coming three times a year. We have seen hardly any of the incidents shown in the programmes, indeed, we have walked up ‘The Strip' on several occasions and only seen young people enjoying themselves and they have shown us nothing but respect.

Magalluf used to be a good family resort, and could be again if the authorities do something about the ‘prostitutes' and pickpockets who have appeared recently.

There are lots of lovely, friendly bars where families are welcomed, but some bar owners encourage the drunken element, who are usually middle aged Brits swearing and shouting loudly regardless of the other people, including children, who are present.

During the day most of the teenagers who have given the resort it's bad name are asleep and the older ‘lager louts' take over!!! So, come on Calvia & Co. Do as you promised and turn Magalluf back into a FAMILY resort as you promised last year! Pat and Dave Andrews