Dear Sir,

I am very angry about the hire car situation on the Island. I live in Bon Aire, Alcudia in the North of the Island, I visit my house about 6 times a year.

Each time I need a hire car for about 10 days In Alcudia, the prices are ridiculous, this topic is a very important issue for tourists coming to this Island.

I have heard of tourists paying £1'000 for a week for a car, surely someone ought to be looking at this, Majorca wants the tourists but I don't hear of anyone looking into the hire car problem. I myself have tried unsuccessfully to find a cheap hire car company, and so I have had to reduce my visits to my house in Bonaire.

Would someone please tell me and others why they are charging such high prices for their cars.

I have been in the office to collect a car, the irate customers, it seems this is a very big issue for the Island and until it is sorted many people who have had trouble before just will not come.

Yours sincerely, Sandra from Bonaire.


WITH never a day passing when some politician is arrested/investigated for fraud and misuse of public funds - it becomes more and more obvious that the present politician incumbents in Palma (ie Pact) should not be allowed to continue in post.

With 80% of the island dependent on tourist revenue (figure from Tourist Industry), 60% dependent is the figure quoted by Sr Antich (they cant even agree on that), it would help if they actually acknowledged that the islands have MAJOR PROBLEMS.

Instead they stumble from one disaster to another, with little or no “governing” taking place. A case of “fiddling whilst Balearics burn”.
The present situation should not/must not be allowed to continue. Sr Antich must be made to call an election, one where anyone under investigation or anyone with investigations/cases “archivo” (ie: not proven innocent) is not allowed to stand for public office.

If it wasn't so serious it would be laughable ie: the news published on Thursday that Sra Najera has been put in charge of a multimillion euro budge for the reform of the Playa de Palma - this is a person with several cases “archivo” and two cases outstanding! It's time to think and behave like a democracy, instead this “banana republic”, medieval scenario.

Your sincerely, M. Irving
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