By Jason Moore

DURING the years I have heard many suggestions on ways to increase tourism in the Calvia area. These proposals range from a giant duty free shopping centre to a lawn bowls pitch. No-one has ever said to me that a Contemporary Art Museum in the municipality would help tourism.

However, the Calvia council believes that this is the way forward and plans have already been presented for a contemporary art museum in Costa den Blanes by the Mayor Carlos Delgado. Now, art centres can be beneficial but they are costly projects and unfortunately only appeal to a small section of the community.

In Britain the government and the local authorities are involved in an uphill struggle trying to get punters to visit Britain´s museums and art centres and they are free of charge and are among some of the best in the world. So why would Calvia be any different. I would suggest to the Calvia council that they abandon this project and spend the money on upgrading resorts, offering incentives to businesses to stay open during the winter period and even launch promotion campaigns in Britain. Mayor Carlos Delgado is standing down at the next election this Spring and obviously the art museum is a parting gift...what a shame it can´t be returned!