By Jason Moore

IT has been quite a week in Majorca! Shops have decided to open on Sundays during the summer season, Ryanair is creating 3'000 jobs on the island (allegedly), Alcudia will become a major international cruise ship destination and Majorca is covered in snow for the first time in more than four decades. What does strike me as quite remarkable is the speed and effectiveness of the local authorities in dealing with yesterday´s snow.

Roads were quickly reopened once they were cleared of ice, motorists were kept informed of all developments and the police were out in force to ensure that those “snow revellers” didn´t get too carried away! The fact that Majorca returned to its usual sunshine yesterday afternoon clearly underlines the fact that the island doesn´t have a future as a snow resort! But although the week ended with a shiver I do feel there is some room for optimism on the island at the moment. Finally the local authorities appear to have woken-up and Majorca appears to be moving again.