What a joy to read such an uplifting column by Wendy Peters in her interview with Cameron Springthorne. When it was first emblazoned on the front page of the Bulletin, a few days ago that half a dozen Street Angels were arriving here to bring order to (or attempt to) Magalluf's ungovernable behaviour this summer, I quailed at the thought of a seemingly impossible task of the huge numbers of drink-sodden youth involved.

However, Mr. Springthorne's much improved and feasible ideas, with TEAMS of volunteers, has the merit of commonsense and practicality.
I wish him the very best of good fortune, and should it repeat the success the Street Angels have apparently brought to some areas in Britain, then indeed he will earn the plaudits of congratulation, and even grumpy old men such as I, will recant our pessimism, that at the moment is endemic. This article, as I indicated above, has restored my belief that it is not always necessary to print the doom and gloom stories so beloved by the media in general. The good guys sometimes the good guys do WIN! Yours Sincerely, Phil Green
El Toro