by Jason Moore

I know times are hard but the city council could earmark some of their relatively large budget for rate-payer fun. At the moment it appears that scrooge has taken over city hall: the budget for the San Sebastian festivities and all its live music was slashed and there was no firework display either. The folk dance festival has been scrapped and the carnival parade on Sunday through the streets of the capital was low key to say the least. Full marks to all the people who joined the parade in fancy dress but no marks for the city council who provided little. Not even the city band was recruited to add some carnival cheer. Few sweets for the children and overall a rather dull parade. I am sure that the council could have found some money to make this event special. With so much economic bad news I feel that the people of Palma needed a lift and it certainly was not provided by the carnival parade. I know that money is tight and the council is desperately trying to save money but some events need to be ring-fenced. Canceling the international folk dance festival was just silly. The event attracted people from across the globe to Palma. The performances in city centre squares also brought some great entertainment to the people of Palma and visiting tourists. Remember Palma city council, Palma is a tourist capital and events are needed to attract holidaymakers. If you continue to slash your budget, tourists could simply go elsewhere. Come on put the fun back into Palma again.