By Jason Moore THE headlines in yesterday´s Spanish newspapers said it all; Mallorca are heading to the second division. While the appointment of a new chairman Mateo Alemany has given the club a lift on the pitch Mallorca are still struggling. It is a nightmare scenario because the club simply hasn´t the necessary funds to buy new players. Supporters don´t understand where the money from the sale of top players during the close season has gone, they certainly haven´t been replaced which has left the club struggling for survival. Alemany has an option to buy the debt-ridden club (for a lower price if they are relegated) but Mallorca´s problems have not gone away. Mallorca needs a new owner who has got the necessary funds to pay off some of the debt and also invest in new players. I thought that Freddy Shepherd, the former Newcastle chairman, would have been an ideal saviour of the club. He was promising major investment for new players. But the talks broke out, allegedly due to the fact that owner Vicente Grande didn´t want to sell him the club. The bottom-line at the moment is Mallorca are heading towards relegation and this would be an absolute nightmare for the club, the players, the management team and of course Majorca.