By Jason Moore

THE coalition local government intends to remain in power for the next 18 months with no majority and few friends.

Why does Balearic leader Francesc Antich insist on hanging on to power instead of doing the honourable thing and calling early elections? So for the next year and a half no new legislation will be passed because the local government will have to rely on the opposition Partido Popular (who now have more MPs than the ruling Balearic government) and the Majorcan Unionists (who were ejected from the coalition) to get new laws through parliament.

What a nightmare. Meanwhile, the accounts of Balearic government departments which were run by the Unionists are going to be audited which will effectively mean that these ministries, which include tourism, will not be able to function properly until the audits are completed. Now, the Partido Popular could quite easily seize power although the party is still divided and they are unlikely to take any radical action. Local politics is in a right mess stained by allegations of political corruption. The only way forward is to call early elections. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen because his socialist party would lose. However, surely the electorate should be able to have their say!