I HAVE been a birdwatcher for over 30 years and have now retired to Majorca partly to indulge my passion for nature.
I was therefore delighted to read your excellent article on birding Majorca (Daily Bulletin Sun-Mon 7-8th Feb) stating that 25'000 to 30'000 visit the Island every year to watch birds.

However, I am saddened how many wonderful areas for wildlife have been lost over the last few years either to development or where access is now denied. Ternelles Valley, Son Bosc, Cases Velles and Tucan Marsh are just a few.

I hear now that the Boquer Valley is to close to the public. If this is the case hardly any of the 30'000 visitors will now be staying at Pollensa which is close by. Boquer Valley is possibly the most well-known site apart from the Albufera Marsh itself and every visiting birder enjoys walking there.

May I suggest that “Green Tourism” is now the way forward for Majorca and therefore more wildlife reserves should be opening and not the opposite which is a short-sighted and narrow policy especially as most resorts are crying out for more visitors in the current financial climate.

Yours faithfully, Michael Montier (on behalf of 30'000 birders who love Majorca!)


I HAVE just read your article about the Balearic Government and your harsh criticism of the UM, with which I agree, but, I miss any reference to the huge corruption crimes revealed in the past three years committed by the PP - Hidalgo/Caso Andratx, Matas, and, and, and,…..

Sr Antich has only one alternative to minority rule and that is, to go into the opposition against the two criminal parties.

Warmest regards
Bob Fairley, Palma