WE are second-class citizens, not integrated and will remain so. We live in our ghettos with our warm beer and Coronation Street. We are not even treated as equals, but are only tolerated, permitted only to vote for one of the 50 local Alcaldes( mayors), as the Spanish call them. The mayors and their counsellors here consider that, once elected, they then have carte-blanche for 4 years to ignore us all, while turning up late for work and going home early, and drinking coffee all day long in-between.

We expats are second-class citizens, despised and ignored and taxed without representation. We are the American colonialists of our time. Only our money and our taxes interests the political elite.

The only solution is the creation of Spanish legal associations, in each Majorcan municipality, to pressurise the mayor and demand accountability and economic transparency and value for our money. Each political party here is as corrupt as the next; the opposition does nothing to prevent corruption, as they are simply awaiting their turn. Neighbourhood solutions are free of corruption as they have no salaries and control no public money, they have power as the media will print any demands -or praise- in regard to local politicians. In this way, the Association of Neighbours and Friends of Gotmar, in Pollensa, publicly demanded with 23 letters to the press that our mayor fulfil his promises and legal obligations to provide us with clean, safe and legal streets in our badly neglected, adopted urbanisation. We achieved a €3 million grant.

The European Politicians do not care that Europe has over 15 million disenfranchised citizens living within Europe who have no rights to vote. Europe has done what Hitler could not: take away our democratic rights to vote where we are resident and pay taxes.

Rather than register and encourage them in this charade, this democratic facade, we should all boycott the local Majorcan elections to bring attention to this eradication of democracy. Either we are allowed to vote for our MPs in Madrid and the Majorca Parliament and Consell in Palma too, like our Spanish friends and neighbours, or we do not vote at all. I hope the demands for democracy welling up in Egypt will wash over to us here in Spain and help us achieve democracy here too.

Kind regards

Dr. Garry Bonsall
EU suffragette
Founder- President Neighbours and Friends of Gotmar AAVV