By Jason Moore

WE are seeing the last few months in power of our coalition local government before the local elections in the spring and the question has to be asked? What exactly have they achieved. Well, the simple answer is absolutely nothing. Now, this has been a very difficult economic time for the Balearics but what has our government done in the last four years.

Are the Balearics a better place? Well, no, not really. All the projects which were presented before the last local elections are still not complete and in some cases there is a danger that they will never be finished.

Take the new convention centre, it is far from finished and I sincerely doubt that it will be finished for many years to come. It has to be remembered that the new National Health Hospital, Son Espases, was started by the previous administration. At a time when the local construction industry is suffering a bitter recession you would have thought that the government would have put plenty of effort into public work contracts. But, little has been built. The last four years have been tarnished by all the corruption allegations which have been levelled at officials and ministers from the previous administration. But apart from political scandals, there has been little else.