I share your delight in the proposed increase in flights to Majorca this year and if I lived in Great Britain I would be able to make use of them.
However I live in N. Ireland where there is NO direct flight to Majorca from end of October to Easter each year. In fact the entire island of Ireland has NO direct service to Majorca from end of Oct to Easter each year!! We, like hundreds of others in Ireland, own a property in Majorca and enjoy those Winter, early Spring months with all the fiestas, the almond blossom and long mountain walks and cycling.

In your newspaper there are many good articles about how the Tourism Department largely ignores the marketing potential of San Antonio, San Sebastian, the Three Kings etc.

They also ignore the plight of the entire Island of Ireland as out of season potential visitors and revenue.

So what do we fellow islanders have to do to visit ‘out of season'?
We must fly first to the UK mainland and then on to Palma. …..and guess what?
There is ONLY ONE flight in the UK which departs late enough in the day to allow us to make the transfer on the same day, the Easyjet Stanstead flight which departs London at 10.00 giving us time to arrive on the 6.00am Belfast to Stanstead flight and catch the Palma flight. In the whole of Ireland this Belfast to Stanstead flight is the only one giving a connection on same day, albeit at a very uncivilised hour! So not only do all the airlines ignore Ireland and its potential, even one flight a week from Belfast from our research would be filled by owners, friends, cyclists, but the flights from England give us no chance, except Easyjet Stanstead, to make the journey within 1 day!

This is now well into the 21st century and such limited travel potential for an entire country plus an autonomous part of the UK is ridiculous.
If any airline executive out there reads this please, please see the potential and give us a direct autumn/winter/spring flight! Alan and Chris Cook
Pollensa and Bangor N. I.