“Innocent Until Proved Guilty” seemingly does not apply here in Palma. In removing reference to the Dukes of Palma from Las Ramblas our City Council obviously believes Iñaki Urdangarin to be guilty without the need for a trial. They may be right as they have first-hand experience with their leaders here (Sr. Bauza) and in Madrid (Sr. Rajoy). I believe there are also questions over the wealth of King Carlos but unlike his son-in-law he has royal immunity including paternity tests.

To most ex-pats this presumption of guilt will come as no surprise and certainly not to me as I too have been corrupted! When I first arrived I was horrified by the falsifications made during property sales. My first house was paid ¾ in black. I tried to avoid this and was told in the Notary's office by the lawyers that if I paid the full capital gains tax of the seller I could put whatever value I liked on the Deeds or I could adapt and “When in Rome do as the Romans do!” - I did. So much for my honesty. We all have experience of workers only accepting cash, suppliers happy to oblige “sin factura”, registered tradesmen up to architects signing off work they've never seen etc., etc. It's part of life in Spain when it suits me I like it when it doesn't I decry it.

Our own royal family also give titles when they marry commoners. They also remove them. Dubious financial deals are not judged so important but not putting up with your royal mate's adultery is. Diana did not accept 3 in her marriage. She soon became your ex Royal Highness, ex Duchess of Cornwall, ex Countess of Chester, ex Baroness of Renfrew to name but 4 titles taken away. It reminds me of our Royal Males at the Cenotaph, dressed as Generals or Admirals sporting many more medals than the war veterans being honoured. You couldn't make it up! How could we survive without them?

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma