WHETHER one expects a whiter than white “Mr clean” as the English football captain, when in this day and age, expectations should not be high of those described as “not the sharpest pencil in the box” receiving huge sums of money, it does seem the manager, Fabio Capello, is either very limited in choice of replacement, or does not check the CV's very carefully. To replace Terry with a player who was banned on drug related charges, and is currently serving a four match ban for violent behaviour, ie Ferdinand, can hardly inspire the confidence of the fans. No wonder England managers are the highest paid in European national teams, they have a heavy load to bear! Yours sincerely,

Graham Phillips


AS a full time resident I am getting a little tired of the whining of some part timers and tourists about conditions on the island. In this case the high price of car hire. As a way of testing her “1000 pounds per week”, I googled the search string “Majorca+”car hire” and filled in the application for a theoretical summer excursion here (14-21 July) to see what I came up with. Then without any shopping around, clicked the first of 335'000 hits.

Here is what I came up with as a low to high range: n Class B – Ford Ka - seats 4.
Cost = 77.30€ n Class 01 - Renault Traffic CD - seats 9. Cost = 260.49€ Perhaps, I should start a gestoria specialising in helpless visitors. I could charge 1% of the amount I would save them. At today's rate 1000 pounds is 1111.42€ less the maximum for my first site, 260.49€. Saving of 850.93€, my 1% would be 8.51€ for 2 minutes work, in other words I would be making 25.58€ per hour for my trouble.


Richard Goss, Porreres