DEAR SIR Match Tickets

I'M writing in response to the letter (Feb 12th) from Mike Lillico regarding match tickets for Real Mallorca/Barcelona on the 28th March.

Having been to quite a few “away” grounds including the Santiago Bernabeu and the Nou Camp in the 28 years I've been following the fortunes of Real Mallorca, there aren't any clubs in La Liga that issue match tickets six weeks in advance.

First of all the day and kick off times are mostly governed by the Spanish TV companies. It's common practice in Spain for games to be changed from Sunday to Saturday, and now Monday, with less than a week's notice.

Real Mallorca cannot print the tickets yet for the Barcelona game because they don't know what day the Spanish league and the TV companies have decided on. Looking at the fixture list, it would appear that (as Barça have champions league commitments the following week) Saturday the 27th is the most likely.

There's also the fact that if Real Mallorca get (as your goodself has done) loads of enquiries about tickets, they will “hike up” the prices even further. It's another way of trying to raise vital revenue. All the smaller clubs do it.

Entrance prices are normally fixed by the club but you can expect to pay 50 euros for the cheapest seats behind the goal (quite a distance from play) when Barça and Real Madrid come. For all games, tickets don't go on sale until the Tuesday or Wednesday before the match. Unfortunately you'll have to stand in a queue like everybody else.

Buying a season ticket for the second half of the season is fantastic value considering the prices to be charged for match tickets for the big four Spanish sides due in Palma soon, and you won't have to queue.

Sorry Mike, that's just the way it is here and throughout Spain. Hope your friends enjoy the game!

Monro Bryce, Palma de Mallorca