This morning I had an appointment with a specialist at Son Espasas. Whilst waiting to see the specialist, the nurse called out the names of people with appointments in the space of 30 mins about 8 people did not turn up for their appointment. I thought this was disgusting, as specialists time is precious.

There is no excuse for not attending, as there is a phone number to ring on the appointment paper or card if you cannot attend. I think it is about time they make a charge to see a specialist, when you receive your appointment you pay into the bank who stamp your card or paper.

Then after you have attended your appointment, your card is then stamped by the hospital, you return to the bank who reimburse you.
If you do not keep the appointment you forfeit the money. Surely this would help the hospital finances here.
P.S. This happens a lot at the doctors to.
A. Caffyn
Santa Ponsa