Dear Sir,

With the Falkland ‘differences' once more threatening to escalate, I sincerely hope, that heaven forbid, should it result in a war situation, we wont be exposed to a repeat of local attitudes toward the British contingent. During the first ‘Maldive' conflict, the Spanish gave the British a particularly hard time and indeed, there were some reports of residents actually being spat on in the street. Should this situation be repeated, and with today's improved communications, ultimately reach the British media, it could create the final death toll for British tourism in the foreseeable future.

Please remember none of this unfortunate situation has anything to do with the ordinary British public. This is strictly between the Falkland Islanders, the British government and the Argentinean authorities. for heavens sake leave us ‘minions' out of it. Peace and love to you all

Leapy Lee (Graham)