By Jason Moore EARLIER this week I had the pleasure of meeting members of the Costa de Calvia Lions Club. They had very kindly invited me to address their membership at one of their regular meetings. Apart from the warm welcome, what struck me, is that their membership has a nice national mix; there are Majorcans, Germans and British residents working as one for a common goal, to help the island and raise money to support local charities. It is not often that you find a local club and association which has both German and British members. Usually, the Germans do “their thing” and the Brits “do theirs.” Why? There are approximately 35'000 British and German registered residents in Majorca, quite a formidable force if they could join together. There are a whole series of problems which affect both parties; from all the problems regarding residence permits to the state of Majorca. These 35'000 residents naturally have their concerns about the island but at the end of the day I sometimes feel that it is the “forgotten” population. Some sort of unity between the two biggest foreign population groups on the island would certainly give some people food for thought. We live in Europe, we all benefit from Europe and I think the time has come for us non-Spanish Europeans to have a greater say on the future of our beloved island which we all appreciate so much.