Dear Sir, IRENE Taylor's article said it all. I'm not surprised the fisherman refused to move their nets they knew that this so-called improvement was not for their benefit, neither is it for the benefit of the average resident of Puerto de Soller. 0It is being done for the financial benefit of a small number of people and the aggrandisement of the local politicians who are trying to sell the voters a myth that the improvements to the Port are for them. Some of the improvements undoubtedly will benefit the local residents but I suspect that is solely the sugar coating on what might otherwise be a very bitter pill. There is no need to demolish all the old buildings which made Puerto de Soller so attractive. They can so easily be transformed internally without altering their attractive outward appearance, as J Finlay Walls, an architect who lives in the Port, suggested in his letter which you published on the 17th January. I suppose Alan Stewart will think I'm ranting again and possibly he is right but I think I rant in a good cause.

Barry Emmott Middlesex.