WHENEVER politicians suggest changing the voting system one should look to their motives. It is most likely that both Labour and Conservative voters would cast their second vote for the Liberal Democrats. So who would benefit – the Liberal Democrats.

This is a maneuver to get the Liberals to support Labour in the likely event of a hung Parliament. So this is why George Brown is raising this issue now. Ray Fleming's argument that this is a sensible reform, or that “No voting system is perfect but there must be a better one than the UK's first past the post” is far from proven. Look what is happening here! Yours,

Robin Musters


IN Tuesday's Daily B Monro Bryce bemoans the small attendance at Sunday's home game of Real Mallorca against Villareal. I'm not surprised. I have some clients, a family from Holland, who have booked a holiday for the last week in March. They asked me if I could organise a hired car and a couple of tickets for their menfolk for the match between Real Mallorca and Barcelona on Sunday the 28th - just what the island needs off season.

When I finally got through to Son Moix after 10 tries over a whole afternoon I was told no tickets were available as the prices had not been fixed yet. I can understand how prices may vary according to the draw of the opposing team, after all I'd expect to pay more to see and hear Elton John than others.

What I can't see is why that extra entrance charge is not calculated way in advance. They told me to try again about a week before the match. Imagine if I did the same? “Yes that's all fine. Go ahead and book all your flights from Amsterdam. Give me a call a couple of days before your departure and I'll let you know how much I'm going to charge you for your hols”. I'd be out of business the same summer and people wonder why Real Mallorca has financial problems! They could take a leaf out of your book. Your online reader service giving them information about what events are on (and the cost) during their holiday is a great idea. In future I'm going to answer enquiries not just with what apartments are available and the price but that little extra magnet of what fiestas and the like will be on to increase the attraction to our shores.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma