By Jason Moore BE warned, the Gas and Electricity Board, GESA, has introduced a new billing system which is causing outrage and some problems. GESA are now billing households every month and there is controversy because they have also charged some households the 2009 rates in 2008. This has led to an avalanche of complaints.

My advice is to check your bill very carefully and if it has gone up considerably, without any real reason, then you should not hesitate to join the queue and complain at once. The Spanish consumer association is furious and is promising to take action. This is obviously a serious problem so be on you guard.

FIRST it was Turkey, then Egypt and now the Canary Islands. I see that a major British tour firm is doing a large advertising campaign on British television in conjunction with the tourist board of the two provinces and one province which I have named above. When will the Balearics get involved? After all, these islands are meant to be Britain´s favourite holiday destination. If we aren´t quick all the bookings are going to go to other areas and we will just be left with the end of the season last minute offers. Another warning.