In view of this year's island-wide plague of processionary caterpillars, isn't it about time that the authorities organised a concentrated effort throughout Majorca to eradicate them? As the Revd Robert Ellis pointed out in his article (on Friday), they cause a nasty rash, are dangerous to animals and worst of all, are killing the pine trees. Pines in private gardens as well as public places need to be sprayed and if the bags which are meant to attract the processionary moth really do work they should be made readily available throughout the island. A few years ago I went to Calvia Council after having read in the press that residents would be helped with the problem but the only help I was offered was an address in Palma where the bags could be bought. Perhaps this would be a useful way of spending some of the tourist tax as without the pine trees, Majorca would be losing one of its greatest assets.
Gillian Bertorelli, Bendinat