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IN the United States, the Pentagon announced that it would seek the death penalty for six alleged plotters of the 9/11 attacks; the men have been held at Guantanamo Bay and will be tried by a military commission.

After winning primary votes in several smaller states Barack Obama overtook Hillary Clinton in the number of Democrat delegates supporting him.
John McCain maintained his strong lead in the Republican primaries.
The film-maker Stephen Spielberg resigned as artistic adviser to the Beijing Olympics, citing China's failure to use its influence with Sudan to stop the oppression in Darfur.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week

SUNDAY/MONDAY: Property Nightmare For Owners Of Andratx Apartments (The Council of Majorca ordered the demolition of 68 apartments allegedly illegally built).

TUESDAY: 120 People Held Over Illegal Cockfight In Majorca (The fight took place in a small indoor arena on an estate at Ariany). WEDNESDAY: Centro Canino Thrown A Lifeline (The dispute between the animal refuge and Palma Council had been referred to a judge). THURSDAY: 30 Percent Rise In Foreign Residents (An estimated 170'000 non-Spaniards were living in the Balearics).
FRIDAY: Airports Are Bad For Your Health (A four-year study showed that aircraft noise increases blood pressure, even when sleeping).
SATURDAY: Centro Canino Showdown (The police were called to the Centro when arguments started between local residents and Canino supporters).