By Jason Moore

IT is rather sad walking around Palma at the moment with plenty of closing down sales as the recession hits the high street hard. I have never seen so many shops offering almost give-away prices and some look as if they won´t be trading this time next month. I just thought to myself what a shame that Palma stores didn´t move with the times and have more flexible opening hours.

Government legislation does shops few favours, they are not allowed to open when they like. Also, high staff costs mean that staying open over lunch-time costs shopkeepers a small fortune. Perhaps the next local government will come to their rescue by offering a real plan for the future which will enable them to open when they want.

Shops must be allowed to open on Sundays especially during the summer. It is a great pity that thousands of cruise ship passengers are coming to the city every Sunday and that they are finding shops and even restaurants closed. If Majorca wants to rebuild itself after this long recession then more flexible opening hours should be included in the plan for the future. Tourists visiting Majorca from northern Europe expect shops to be open at the weekends. We need new legislation now otherwise the consequences will be serious.