I agree with Dr. Garry Bonsall over the unfairness of our limited voting rights in Spain (Daily B Thursday 10 February).
The idea of a voting boycott on the May 22 elections has merit but also has a major stumbling block for, as I understand it, 80% of us don't vote anyway.

If half of the 20% ex-pats who do vote follow his lead the effect might not even be noticed. An alternative is to vote but to tear the ballot paper in two.

This would be recorded as spoiled. If some of our more turned off compatriots could be encouraged to do the same the result could be more noteworthy.
Another doubt I have is that I am not even sure whether our electoral limitations have been generated locally, in Madrid or in Brussels.
Now that we have at least one “extranjera” councillor perhaps one of them could explain the mechanics of redressing our rights and what has been achieved to date?

Many of us are apathetic because we are largely ignorant of the voting system, what each party stands for and who are the main actors.
Why not invite one of the councillors to educate us through your pages?
Mike Lillico

Playa de Palma