By Jason Moore I was pleased to see the strong turn-out for the peace march through Palma on Saturday. The organisers should be congratulated and so should the police. The march was slighly marred by the burning of an American flag and by the stone throwing incident in which a police officer was injured. This was a peace march and there was no need for aggression of this type. It is with hand on heart and with deep regret that I say that it is people like this, who try to hijack an event for their own means, who make me stay away from such events. There was no need to bring politics into what was a march for peace open to everyone. Burning an American flag was completely unnecessary and rather distasteful considering the strong U.S./Spanish links. Stone throwing is what you expect from mindless hooligans not peace campaigners. Why is it that a few mindless individuals try to spoil a very human event such as a march for peace? I am sure that many people are of the same opinion as I, and if it hadn't been for this small radical element who just wanted to cause trouble, I am sure that the turnout would have been higher. But unfortunately, most people expected them to be there and thankfully there were only two minor incidents which I have disclosed above. We all hope that the crisis can be resolved diplomatically and there will be no violent acts. That was the point of the march on Saturday. Unfortunately a few mindless individuals appear to have forgotten the reason for the event and decided to marr the event with an act of clear aggression. Next time, please stay away. We all want peace unfortunately some people appear hell bent on using aggression to make their point which rather defeats the object.