Dear Sir, We have just come back from Magalluf and to be honest the euro is killing Majorca. We holiday in Majorca three maybe four times a year so forget the cold in January as we know all about it. By the way the snow was lovely but the prices forget it.
Keith Allison. Wigan
A few tips from some newcomers to Majorca
Dear Sir, We have recently come to live in Majorca, having holidayed here many, many times. We now have a few comments to make about our new environment and our fellow residents.
1– Car drivers! Oh dear. They seem to flout every rule in the book – speeding everywhere. parking anywhere (including in spaces reserved for the disabled), never using indicators, no car insurance, not stopping at pedestrian crossings etc. etc.
2– Dog owners! Shame on many of you. The footpaths are a disgrace – dog faeces everywhere. It must be impossible to let children walk about in case they catch something from the mess. Anyone unfortunate enough to be blind must have to stay indoors! 3– Graffiti artists. What a waste of talent. If it wasn't for the offensive content of some of the work, I could almost congratulate you! Tracey Emmin, eat your heart out! 4– Scooter riders. What a noisy lot you are.
5– Finally the local Police. If you did a really good job, none of the above would happen and I, and many more I'm sure, would be even happier.
Regards Kathryn