By Jason Moore THE leader of the Partido Popular, Mariano Rajoy has said that his party is the victim of a witch hunt by senior judges and other officials. Rajoy is convinced that there are “some” who are intent on getting his party. Over the last 18 months there have been a whole series of allegations made against former officials in the previous Partido Popular government in the Balearics. The scandals have centred around the alleged mis-use of government funds and corruption allegations. The Partido Popular is not alone; cases have also been brought against the Majorcan Unionist Party and the Spanish Socialist party in Ibiza but it is the PP which has experienced the lion´s share of alleged corruption cases. It appears that every major building project in the islands over the last four years is under scrutunity. Now, anti-corruption officials are turning their attention to the metro. Now, all these cases are in the hands of the judiciary who must judge whether there was any evidence of corruption and ill-doing but one thing for sure these cases are doing little for politics in the Balearics. Politicians need to be above any sort of controversy of this type. Corruption allegations against politicians will probably mean that there is an even lower turn-out at the next local elections.