By Jason Moore

TWO Majorcan resorts popular with German tourists and two similar types of bars but there is a difference. A coffee at the one in Paguera costs 1.20 euros and the same drink in Arenal costs one euro. How can there be such a difference in price from one place to another? We are talking about similar bars offering similar service in similar areas.

I am afraid to report that there are few tourists in both the resorts but I wish there were more in Arenal because at least bar owners have realised that there is a recession and that price is key!!! In the case of the bar in Paguera we are talking almost 200 pesetas for a small cup of coffee. When I first came to Majorca this was the price of a menu of the day (a three course meal with wine!!). Obviously times have changed and inflation has taken hold but if you put some of the prices back into pesetas now you would be amazed; 3'000 pesetas for a steak dinner! Prices in Majorca have got so out of hand it is almost laughable. When is Majorca going to wake up and realise that until prices start to come down the tourists are not going to come back. Can you imagine all those tourists who are booked to go to Egypt and Tunisia who are now heading for Majorca when they see the prices on the island?