By Jason Moore

ALMOST all the top nominated Oscar films are showing in Palma at the moment in English and I would like to congratulate local cinemas for thinking of the local English speaking community.

The only big Oscar nominated film which is not showing at the moment is the King's Speech, which is a great shame but I am told that local cinemas have tried long and hard to get a copy of it in English but there were only three available for Spain. It is quite amazing that you can go to the cinema in Majorca and see the same films as you would in Britain in the same language. I would urge all English speakers on the island to support local cinemas because they are doing a great service for us. In the early 1980s there was a dedicated English cinema in Palma which closed its doors because it could no longer compete against the “video revolution.”

Almost three decades later and cinemas are surviving with films in English despite the enormous competition from Sky Television, the internet and DVDs. But going to the cinema, I believe, is always an experience and it is a cheap and enjoyable night out. So thank you to the local cinemas for enabling us to see the latest films in our language.