By Jason Moore

THE sad truth is that this winter will probably be remembered as one of the coldest on record. Never has Majorca seen so much snow. I say sad because the freezing weather of the last couple of weeks is going to rather back-up the view of the tour firms and airlines who claim that it is too cold in Majorca during the low period for a winter programme. As I have said in this space on countless occasions I believe that this is complete nonsense and not really an excuse at all. But it has snowed and in some cases over the last couple of days temperatures have been on a par with Britain. Majorca has coped very well with this cold snap. In Britain, as soon as the first snow flakes fall, there are the usual rumblings of not enough snow ploughs or other equipment. Roads on Majorca which were closed were quickly re-opened with little or no fuss. And this from an island which is not accustomed to cold and freezing weather (whatever the tour firms say!). Up until very recently we have enjoyed some great winter weather with almost spring-like temperatures. It is a great pity that the snow and freezing weather of the last few weeks is going to ruin the winter party. But one thing for sure; Majorca looks exceptionally good in the snow and I am sure that winter tourists would have enjoyed seeing the clear blue skies and the mountains covered in snow. So whatever anyone says, I still maintain that Majorca is an ideal winter holiday destination.