Dear Sir,

I was amazed to read your article regarding the Marina Development Magalluf.
I realise that these plans have been on the cards for years, but never believed it would really go ahead.
Where are the brains behind these plans? Have Promociones Vistarga got more money than sense?
To build four hotels with 2000 rooms, where on earth are they going to find the people to fill them?
They cant even fill the rooms in the resort of Magalluf. If you look around at the amount of bars, shops and apartments for sale/rent this should tell you that there is a lack of people.

It comes back to the same story, no hotels open in winter, lack of flights equals lack of people.
I think before Magalluf becomes a top notch resort, there needs to be clampdown on the prostitutes / thieves, and looky men. If you don't get rid of them, it wont matter how nice the hotels/resort is.

Don't these developers read comments on sites such as Trip Advisor, where people have said they would never come back again, as they were robbed/beaten up.

I really hope something good does come out of this, as I am a property owner in Magalluf.