Hugh Ash Sunday Comment

Dear Sir,

Hugh Ash seems to be the only writer on the MDB who really understands the Middle East and why it is in a mess and falling apart by the day. He is also 100% right about Lady Ashton, who is worse than useless as a European foreign minister. Only last week I read she refused to back the UK foreign secretary William Hague's plan to support those rebels in Syria who want a proper democracy if they can get rid of Assad. There is only one country that is stable, free and democratic in the Middle East, but the Western press loves to rubbish them because it isn't run by Arabs.

I do not have to spell out which country that is, but Mr. Ash knows who I am talking about. So do other of your paper's readers who are not fooled by far Left propaganda merchants like the Guardian, BBC and New York Times.

Yours sincerely, John Clayton , Palma de Majorca

Dear Sir,

Wow! Hugh Ash does it again. Loved his piece on Hillary Clinton last week. Agreed with every word. Adored his words on Sunday nailing the EU for foot-dragging over Hezbollah. Doesn't anyone in Brussels have a brain cell big enough to see these crazies for what they are? At least your guy does. Way to go, Hugh boy! Candice Kurtz, Puerto Andratx

Dear Sir,

My many British friends have recommended me to view your columnist Hugh Ash and his words in the Sunday publication of your newspaper about Al Qaeda and Hezbollah should be required reading in all newspapers, German in particular. In a typically English, satirical way, Ash exposes the stupid naivety of our European Union masters and their policy of appeasing fanatical killers. If Europe is to be saved from such idiot decision-makers, it must change.

Thank you.
Kayo Hoffman

Son Vida
Dear Sir,

I was pleased to read Hugh Ash agrees we Wigan folk make great pies. But sorry we are blooming useless at producing diplomats. We have a word for the likes of Cathy Ashton but you could not print it.

R. Mellor , Palmanova

Taxes in Spain

Dear Sir,

I read your comments (editorial Sunday, Feb. 17) that the Spanish Tax Authorities were demanding that foreign residents were being asked to provide details of assets held abroad and that this was causing a certain amount of fear among expatriates. Well, as a resident in the Balearics for 30 years, may I refute that fear. When I elected to reside in Spain, I had to declare in the U.K. because of the Double Taxation Agreement that existed then , and still does, I believe, that I would be taxed in Spain as I became domiciled there. This involved disposing of assets and property in the U.K., thus as a resident in Spain legally, and so paying taxes as do all citizens there.

So, it seems to me logically for those who do as I did, can have no grounds for complaint if they DO have to pay taxes. NOT on property as such, but on any INCOME and/or INTEREST derived from them, exactly as they would if they were NOT domiciled in Spain for Tax purposes.

I hope, Mr. Moore, you will comment on my thoughts on this thorny subject.
Yours Sincerely,

Phil Green, El Toro