by Jason Moore

I was rather amused to see that Prime Minister David Cameron is leading a major British trade drive in India. But what exactly is Britain planning to sell to India? India already owns a sizeable part of Britain´s industrial base including Jaguar/Landrover and what was once known as British Steel. Indian firms also own a large chunk of numerous other British-based businesses. I was intrigued to see that even the London Underground had sent a representative on the London trade mission. I think that Cameron will discover that Britain can export very little to India because the sad truth is that Britain no longer makes anything. Even the Eurofighter aircraft which Cameron is so desperate to sell to the Indians is produced by three others countries apart from Britain (Spain, Germany and Italy). Now, I understand that Cameron is under great pressure within his own party to show that Britain can trade with the rest of the world rather than just the European Union, but he is about 30 years too late. Britain´s competitors the USA, China and Russia, already have big trade deals with India and India is a highly developed manufacturing country. Perhaps, Cameron should ask the Indians to help revive Britain´s industrial base. Jaguar/Landrover has been transformed under Indian ownership and continues to thrive and create hundreds of new British jobs. Nice try David but probably too little too late. The world has changed dramatically.