THE recent assassination of a Hamas militant in a hotel room in Dubai, where the finger of blame seems to be firmly pointed at Mossad, the secret service of Israel, and the use of false passports, six of them British, one has to wonder, if Israel are proved/shown guilty of this.

What will actually happen? Will an arrest warrant be issued for those accused to go to Dubai to stand trial? Not likely, and similarly, the British foreign office, whilst making noises and flapping their arms, will not ask France, Germany and Ireland (also having false passports issued for this act) to push for some sort of concerted reprimand/sanctions via the EU against Israel. The UN security council, any motion would be vetoed by the USA.

So, Israel can just “cock a snook” at the world in general, and continue with their own agenda, be it assassinations, building new settlements on the West Bank, etc, whilst annually receiving massive aid from the USA plus latest military hardware to keep them the most powerful nation in the Middle East. Does anyone truly think there can be a solution to the Middle East conflict this century? As long as Israel call the shots, it's virtually impossible; let's not forget their huge nuclear weapons arsenal.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips