By Jason Moore

I wouldn't say that the non-Spanish community living on the island are exactly close but there is one piece of legislation which unites this relatively large group of people in Majorca; the infamous green certificate residence permit. All non-Spaniards are opposed to this piece of paper which replaced our old residencia cards and they all believe it is totally useless. It is not a means of identification because it does not include a photograph but it is still needed because it is the only way to actually confirm you are a resident.

Taking all this into account isn't the abolition of this document and a return to are old residencia identity card a major platform for the non-Spanish Europeans to unite and call for action? In just three months the local elections are taking place and if there is a party out there which is willing to fight our corner on this issue they will certainly get my vote. Now, I know that local parties here have little say on the matter but they can lobby Madrid for action. I suspect that this would also be away to ensure that more European expatriates take part in the elections. There is obviously a great deal of voter apathy but this is an issue which grabs the attention of the voter. I am sure that many will agree that the certificate needs to be scrapped.