DEAR SIR THE same problem exists with flights from The Republic of Ireland to Mallorca during the winter. There are no direct flights from November to March. We have to fly via London or Spain during the winter.

Larry Mahon

IN support of previous letters to the editor regarding this subject we are also property owners in Majorca who would gladly spend more time and obviously money in Majorca if flights were more readily available in the winter. We live in Bournemouth and a good service operates locally from early April until mid September, outside this period we either have the hassle of travelling to Stansted or Bristol to find a flight.

As services are limited obviously costs are inflated, if more competition was available not only would this bring the cost of the few flights that are available down but would also encourage more people to come to the island out of season. This Christmas is the first time since we have owned a property that we have not spent it in Majorca, we visited at this period last year and were amazed that all bars, restaurants and other facilities were closed down for the whole of the two weeks that we were there. Surely someone has to make the first move, if hotels that used to be open at Christmas opened again this would create a demand for more flights. The way that things are moving at the moment it would appear that the island will soon be only a six month destination with facilities equally only available for this period along with the subsequent loss in income.

Anne & Gus Sinclair