By Jason Moore

BRITISH Airways is planning to operate a daily service to Gatwick from this summer along with a regular link to London City airport. This is all good news but unfortunately for those of us who live in Majorca the air links are from Ibiza and not Palma. British Airways will be linking Palma with City Airport but not with Gatwick. This is quite a blow for Majorca because it would be nice if Palma had a direct link with a major British airport operated by a flag carrying airline. Is Ibiza becoming more popular with British tourists than Majorca? Well, yes, Ibiza is almost an international brand and holiday sales to the island have been performing better in Britain than those to Majorca and Minorca. It appears that British Airways are also betting on Ibiza having a good summer season. But when are the local authorities going to wake-up to the fact that Majorca needs a regular schedule link with London all year around. It would benefit everyone from the tourist industry to the real estate sector. During the 1990s British Midland linked London Heathrow with Palma airport. Many people believe that this helped fuel the property boom on the island. I would urge the local authorities to enter into negotiations with British Airways to see if they would be willing to set-up a Gatwick-Palma link. The Chief Executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, is a Majorca-fan and he owned a house on the island for many years. So action this day!