Dear Sir,

AT last, admission by Sr Antich that the Balearics are in a state of ‘permanent constitutional instability'. However, his questioning of the right of the ‘PP' to call for an end to the present Balearic Government, shows how out of touch he really is! He's conveniently forgotten that in the last election the PP had the largest number of votes - i.e. would represent the largest number of voters.

As for his proposed new legislation aimed at tightening loopholes in current legislation re: scandals/mis appropriation of public funds - a case of ‘shutting the stable door, after the house has bolted'.

Also, why discuss this law, if he has no intention of presenting it to parliament as he admits he wouldn't have the required support to get it implemented.

Why not admit, the present government is more interested in protecting their salaries and pensions, than doing what is right for the rest of the community.

Yours sincerely, M. Irving