By Jason Moore

I AM becoming increasingly bored with Scottish Nationalist leader, Alex Salmond. Infact I wish I could vote in his referendum on Scottish independence because he would get a yes vote from me simply because I don´t want to hear his ludicrous statements anymore. His latest chestnut is that if Scotland gets independence and one of their banks gets into trouble they will want money from tax-payers in the rest of the United Kingdom for a bail-out. Thanks! First you want to stage the referendum close to the date of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn to commemorate an English defeat but then you want English money for your banks! What a nerve. Next he will be asking the English for a special tax to pay for Scottish independence! I think Mr. Salmond should just sit back and keep quiet before he does anymore harm. Perhaps he should forget his vote and keep a closer eye on Scottish banks and even football clubs. Prime Minister David Cameron is right, he wants the vote on Scottish independence as quickly as possible. He wants to get the issue out of the way fast, perhaps to try and avoid Mr. Samond doing even greater harm to relations between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom. I admire the Scottish but I don´t think that their leader is doing them much justice. His rherotic and badly thought out plan for independence could all end in tears if he is not careful because he is not winning any friends.