By Jason Moore

OVER recent months I had rather lost faith in the beautiful game. In England the Premier league was rather dull and in Spain, La Liga, had become a one horse race. But my faith in the game of football was rather rekindled after watching the Arsenal v. Barcelona clash on Wednesday night. It was indeed pulsating and good to watch and full credit to Arsenal for pulling off an unlikely victory against the best club side in the world. Yesterday, the long autopsy into the match was underways in bars across Majorca.

The general consensus of opinion was that Barcelona were unlucky but even the most diehard Barca supporter gave some credit to the Arsenal. I suspect that La Liga football managers will be watching video replays of the game to get an insight into how to beat the once unbeatable Barcelona. I suspect that Arsenal's key to success was manager Arsene Wegner who got his tactics spot-on; soak up the pressure and wait for the counter-attack. But as many pointed out to me yesterday, we have only played the first half. The second will be at the Nou Camp in Barcelona and I would suspect that the home side will be looking for some revenge. Another great spectacle beckons but North London should be proud. Arsenal 2 Barcelona 1, Milan 0 Tottenham 1. Not bad!!