“Real” Majorca
IT seems that every week we read letters from disgruntled tourists complaining that Majorca is either expensive or closed down in the winter. May I say that this is far from the truth on both counts. Perhaps if you stay in a purpose built coastal resort you will find closed hotels and if you visit tourist hot spots you will find high prices.

However, venture just a few kilometres inland and you can discover what else this beautiful island has to offer. You will find that many of the ‘agroturismo' country house hotels are open and the towns and villages continue their daily lives regardless of the seasons. In our little town you can take a coffee and watch the world go by for €1.30.

The lunchtime ‘menu del dia' in the restaurants consists of three generous courses and wine all for €10! The bar and restaurant owners are genuinely pleased to see tourists and you will receive a warm welcome.

So maybe the complainers should try something different - come and enjoy ‘real' Majorca! Yours

Annie Sofiano, Porreres