Dear Sir,

I certainly feel sorry for the UK Prime Minister when he gets raked over the coals by your Editor, Mr. Moore, for visiting a country that is not only a past colony but a major and fast-growing player in the world economy. Although I am no supporter of the military-industrial complex that keeps the globe in a state of war for profits, I did read that India was about to reverse a decision to purchase some very costly EU built jet fighters.

One would think the PM would be even more severely criticised for not acting on such a deal and sitting idly by while the business walks goes elsewhere. only 5 minutes of Googling took me site that reveals how the UK and India enjoy a roaring trade in several areas and have so for many years with £5.7 billion or 1.9% of all UK goods exports being to India! So visiting a major Non-EU trading partner for any number of reasons would show foresight and an interest in his countries economic future rather than scorn.

Moreover , as the Queen didn't even attend the Commonwealth Games in India I am sure they were more than pleased to have your PM over for an iced-tea and scones.

Gerard Laracy