Dear Sir,

I have noticed that Blair keeps mentioning a MORAL war.
Is there such a thing?
Many would say yes, but I can't see how.
Is this a moral war?
Maybe Blair needs to justify to himself that it is 5 million refugees would need to be helped after this war if it comes to it's logical conclusion and Iraq is till a broken country after the Gulf War. Aquinas set about making the Just War Theory 1000s of years ago and yes it is still used to justify war today. We have things like Just Cause/ Right Intention/Last Resort/Proportionality, but do these fit in with today's quest? Maybe in Blair's and Bush's mind they do. But I can't see how.
Do we have a Just Cause to do this?
No, Saddam hasn't been proved of doing anything untoward to anyone. We have no logical proof that he was involved with September 11. Do Americans forget they buy Iraq oil? In fact they are the biggest buyer. Do we have the Right Intention? Nope! Bush is being a schoolyard bully. What are his intentions? In fact what are Blair's intentions with going along with this? Does he seriously think that Bush is going to have him as his 'second in command' on the big world of politics? Does he genuinely believe that if he kisses butt with “Dubya” Britain becomes an Empire builder alongside? No, he looks like some form of puppy dog, doing as his master wishes, a wise man would have stood against the bully and been respected by the World. Is this the Last resort? No, we are already amassing troops! These two leaders have already made up their minds! They are trying to bully the UN into this as fast as they can. Diplomatic ways can still be found, how about Bush, Blair and Saddam sitting down and talking face to face?
Proportionality? Well, 5 million people in Iraq is a rough estimate of how many will need assistance immediately after a war. Needing food/medicines etc. The UN can't cope with the numbers. Its already been left a broken country after the Gulf War. We have more “smart” weapons whereby the numbers of non combatants will be less than in conventional wars, but these things go wrong and people become human shields. So many lives will be needlessly lost on all sides. Tell that to the parents of children who are in the forces, tell that to the children who loose parents.
Terrorism needs to be stopped, but at this moment in time the biggest terrorists are those who are legitimately in power on both sides of the Atlantic. Listen to what the voters are saying Tony! We DON'T WANT A WAR.

The millions that walked last week all over the world proved that.
As in the words of the late John Lennon, Give Peace a Chance! And also as Tony profess his faith I think he should dust off his Bible and read Matthew 5 verse 38.
Two wrongs don't make a right, lets make it right the peaceful way.

Susan Taylor