by Jason Moore

WHAT are we like! Back in January we were all moaning about the BBC3 fly-on-the-wall documentary, The Truth About Magalluf. The programme led to scores of letters and a good exchange of views in this paper about Magalluf and its problems. Infact I did even suggest that the BBC were making too many programmes about Spain and its problems. However, another BBC programme the Holiday Hit Squad, presented by Angela Rippon gives Majorca some great promotion on prime time television and it shows the true heroes of the holiday season, the emergency services at work. But not a word has been said about this programme eventhough it is probably fantastic for the island. This is good publicity while The Truth About Magalluf was rather doubtful publicity. Unfortunately the Holiday Hit Squad is not controversial and tells us little that we don´t already know. This week´s episode includes an interview with the former British Consul Paul Abrey. But we should thank our lucky stars that programmes of this type are going to air at a time when most Britons are planning their holidays. By the way I am told that Magalluf is sold out for this summer. The Truth About Magalluf has worked in our favour and infact it is one of the top selling resorts on the island. It is not my cup of tea but a holiday in Magalluf seems to be exceptionally popular this summer. So all publicity is good publicity as they say!