By Jason Moore

WHEN are we going to see a return to good-old fashioned housekeeping when people don´t spend more than they earn. This week we have seen Rangers Football Club go into administration because it was simply spending too much on players and their wages. First it was the banks and now it has even spread to our football clubs. Our very own Real Mallorca football club has some serious financial problems which still have to be resolved. Even the Balearic government has an enormous debt which will take years to resolve. The boom days are over and we must all start living within our means. The days of the credit card are over. It has been boom and bust on a major scale leaving the western world in economic tatters. A return to old-style living is perhaps needed when people lived within what they earnt and not what they can borrow. Unfortunately no-one appears to be taking note of this simple fact at the moment and the borrowing continues.